Meet Mitch

Few candidates bring to the Legislature such clear and compelling accomplishments on the issues we care about most. From affordable health care to providing the best we can for our kids, Mitch Greenlick has delivered for the residents of District 33.

Mitch and Harriet

For over 45 years, Mitch, his wife Harriet and their three children have lived and worked in our community. Mitch's efforts to improve education, health care and the environment, as well as protect our personal freedoms, have been the cornerstone of his service to Oregon.. Mitch received his BS (1957) in Pharmacy and his MS in Pharmacy Administration (1961) from Wayne State University and joined the faculty of the College of Pharmacy during the year following receiving his BS. He was named Alumnus of the Year by the College in 1998.  He received his Ph.D. in Medical Care Organization from the University of Michigan in 1967.

Mitch served on the Governor's Commission on Health Care for the Uninsured and on the Multnomah County Primary Prevention Advisory Committee. He was a consultant to the Governor's Health Manpower Council and was a member of the Study Committee on Health Delivery Systems of the Governor's Comprehensive Health Planning Council. In 1996 he was named a consultant to the United States District court in Portland. He served on Intel’s Health Initiative Advisory Committee.  He is a past President of the Jewish Education Association of Portland and has been a member of the Board of the Portland Jewish Federation. 

Mitch joined the founding Board of Directors of the Northwest Health Foundation and served on it for ten years before he retired from the Board in 2009.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Public Defenders and is a trustee of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Clinic Foundation.   He serves on the Advisory Committee of the Maimonides Society of Portland.   

He has published some 200 books, chapters and articles on health, education, community and social science topics in a wide variety of journals and magazines. 

The Greenlick children all went to West Sylvan School and Lincoln High School. 

Eldest daughter Phyllis Taber attended the University of Oregon and she and her husband, Tim, are both teachers in the Portland Public School System. They have two children; James, who recently received a double Master’s degree from Brandeis University, and Megan, a senior nursing student at University of San Francisco.  

Their son, Michael, attended Pomona College and the Northwest College of Law and is currently in practice in Portland. He's married to Susie Snyder, a clinical social worker and a professor at PSU.  They have two children; Jessica, a student at the Stanford University School of Law, and Hannah, a senior student at Pomona College in California. 

Youngest daughter, Vicki Ambinder attended Oberlin College and is currently building her business as a performance coach. Her husband Harris Ambinder is a teacher in the Portland Public School system.  Her daughter Elizabeth is a sophomore art student at Portland State University. 

Mitch's brother Cliff moved to Portland during the 1960's and entered the Army from Portland, serving in Viet Nam. He returned to Portland after his service.  Cliff is a retired state employee.  He and his wife Bobbie, a retired special education teacher, have lived in Oregon ever since. They have two daughters, Jennifer Reibman and Shana Greenlick who live in the Seattle area.