In no area of state government has Mitch made more of a difference than Health Care.

In 2009 and again in 2011, Mitch led efforts to provide health care for all our uninsured children and fought to help Oregon become a national leader in Health Care reform.

Looking forward, Mitch is dedicated to continuing the move toward universal access to health care for all Oregonians that started when Mitch led the passage of HB 2009 and HB 2116 during 2009, and HB 3650 and SB 99 in 2011.

  • Continue enrolling children in Health Kids, financed by HB 2116.  We have enrolled 100,000 kids
  • Continue enrolling 60,000 new adults into the Oregon Health Plan
  • Create the new health insurance exchange directed by SB 99 during 2011
  • Continue reforming the health care system, taking advantage of the federal health care reform acts

Mitch is also committed to continuing efforts to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and make drugs more available

  • Expand the Oregon Prescription Drug Program, making reduced cost prescriptions available to more Oregonians
  • Expand the use of drug formularies in the Oregon Health Plan and in programs sold under the health insurance exchange

Over the next two years, leading up to the 2013 legislative session, Mitch will be working to:

  • Implement the new Health Care Exchange authorized by SB 99 which will allow individuals and small businesses the chance to compare and purchase health care insurance through a state-operated website.
  • Improve the health care delivery system by focusing on new and more effective delivery models, such as primary care homes and community-wide access models.
  • Strengthen the state’s role in health care for our senior citizens by making Oregon health care system improvements available to Medicare Beneficiaries.
  • Continue to improve Oregon’s public health system, by expanding the potential for more regionalization of county health departments to make them more efficient and more effective
  • Improve the safety of Oregon’s health care system by expanding the Oregon Patient Safety Commission’s activities and the activities of the system to require public reporting of hospital-acquired infections.  Both of these efforts came about as bills Mitch passed in previous sessions
  • Continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the boards that regulate Oregon’s health professional licensing.  This is an effort that has moved forward under Mitch’s direction during the past six years, and which he will continue to move forward.

Do what is necessary to ensure children can read by third grade, including:

  • Reduce class size in K-3
  • Support teacher continuing education
  • Improve early childhood education
  • Assure full-day kindergarten
  • Involve parents and other citizens in the reading program

We also need to:

  • Stabilize education funding across economic cycles
  • Reduce high school dropout rate and increase number going to college
  • Increase science, technology, and engineering output of higher education

Mitch stands for protecting the environment:

  • Protect Forest Park from encroaching development East of Skyline Blvd.
  • Eliminate release of persistent, bio-accumulative toxins (PBT) into streams and rivers
  • Link schools and other community groups with individual wildlife habitat sites
  • Protect farmland

Reduce gun violence

  • I support criminal background checks at gun shows to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Improve the transportation system

  • Highways 26 and 217 need improvements sooner, not later.

Manage growth

  • While the urban growth boundaries protect our farmland, we need to improve our ability to manage growth inside them.

Support our families

  • Improve safety and effectiveness of child care system

  • Protect choice

  • Provide targeted tax relief for low and middle income families