Passing smart, effective and efficient legislation has been the hallmark of Mitch Greenlick’s Legislative career. Whether working in the minority or the majority, Mitch has pushed through critical health care reforms, protected his constituents from unwanted annexations, helped protect Oregon’s environment and helped save hundreds of millions of dollars in health insurance costs for senior and for our children. It’s a record of accomplishment that ignores partisan politics and focuses on policies Oregon needs to build a better future.

Mitch speaks on the floor

The following are bills for which Mitch was the chief sponsor, a chief co-sponsor, or bills he moved as chair of the House Health Care Committee.

2011 Session (30 Republicans – 30 Democrats)

  • SB 99 — Creates the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange to provide an efficient way for individuals and small groups to buy more affordable health insurance.
  • HB 3650 — Creates the process to transform the Oregon Health Plan, reducing cost by creating efficient and effective Comprehensive Care Organizations.
  • HB 2314 — Final bill required to provide for specially trained and certified social workers to work in the public school system.
  • HB 2375 — Expands the Health Care Power of Attorney to include mental illness.
  • HB 2721 — Eliminates reliance on belief in spiritual treatment as a defense in crimes in which children are denied needed health care services.
  • HCR 3 — Named Jory Soil as Oregon’s state soil.

2009 Session (36 Democrats – 24 Republicans)

  • HB 2009 — Creates the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Health Policy Board. Charges Board with creating a plan for Oregon’s health care system.
  • HB 2116 — Creates the Healthy Kids Program funded with a health insurance premium tax. Eventually enrolls 100,000 children into a health insurance plan.
  • SB 735 — Expands the Oregon Prescription Drug Program to cover many more Oregonians.
  • HB 2408 — Establishes a task force to study the viability of expanding the Beaverton to Wilsonville commuter rail line to Salem.
  • HB 2610 — Clarifies health professionals’ credentials and expertise.
  • HB 3043 — Clarifies Metro Urban Growth Boundary.
  • HB 2755 — Studies ways to improve health care reinsurance.
  • HB 2435 — Speeds licensing of doctors moving to Oregon.
  • HB 3022 — Improves treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • HB 2822 — Improves homeowners’ access to sewer lines.
  • HB 2726 — Requires fast food franchises to provide nutrition information on menus.
  • HB 3367 — Provides common sense outdoor lighting standards to reduce energy usage and to reduce light pollution.
  • HB 2702 — Begins the process to determine the safety and effectiveness of allowing psychologists to prescribe medication.
  • HB 2600 — Requires improved hotel access for individuals with disabilities.
  • HB 3118 — Requires state universities to interview at least one qualified minority applicant for open head coaching or athletic director positions (the “Rooney Rule”).

2007 Session (31 Democrats - 29 Republicans)

  • SB 362 — Expands eligibility for the Oregon Prescription Drug Purchasing Program.
  • HB 2524 — Requires hospitals to publicly report on infections acquired in the hospital.
  • HB 2867 — Expands the ability of dental hygienists to serve in critical access areas.
  • HB 3290 — Requires hospitals to report on charity care and community service.
  • HB 2628 — Requires Dept. of Energy to study ways to reduce light pollution.
  • HB 2760 — Prohibits cities from using streets to create islands to be annexed.
  • HB 2723 — Prevents unlawfully created parcels of land to be transferred.
  • HB 2982 — Provides dedicated funding for Oregon’s passenger rail system.
  • HB 3270 — Creates a practical system for auditing election results.
  • HB 2650 — Kicks junk food out of schools and creates nutritional standards.

2005 Session (33 Republicans - 27 Democrats)

  • HB 2711 — Removed city’s power to veto formation of a new city
  • HB 2484 and SB 887 — Reduced the possibility of unwanted, forced annexation of unincorporated land into a city.
  • HB 2426 — Expands dental hygiene services to poverty populations.
  • HB 2518 and HB 2755 — Two technical bills introduced for specific agencies.
  • HB 2706 — Increases the likelihood that pregnant women will be tested for HIV.
  • HB 2707 — The sodium azide bill, changing the way airbags are handled in auto wrecking facilities and in the recycling market.

2003 Session (35 Republicans – 25 Democrats)

  • HB 3613 — Provided $100 million in venture capital support for Oregon emerging industry.
  • SB 875 — Created the Oregon Prescription Drug Purchasing Program to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for thousands of Oregonians.
  • HB 2661 — Helped remove abandoned cars off Oregon’s freeways.
  • HB 2349 — Created the Oregon Patient Safety Commission to improve patient safety in Oregon’s hospitals.
  • HB 3014 — A technical bill introduced on behalf of the Port of Portland.