I want to give you five reasons why I am running for State Representative...

These are my grandchildren.

When I came to Oregon 36 years ago, I found a state rich in natural beauty and independent of spirit ... A state full of hope and promise for the future.

I serve as District 33 State Represetnative in the Oregon House  because I believe I can make a positive difference for the future of Oregon.

I'm not here to become a career politician. I've helped governments around the world set up health care systems. At the same time I was teaching students here about preventive medicine. I've developed programs like Head Start and the Virginia Garcia Clinic, and I serve on the Oregon Environmental Council's Health Advisory Board, because I care about people and I care about this community. I share the important social values with the majority of people in this district. I've been supporting a woman's right to choose since before it became a national issue. I support human rights and believe the government should stay out of our bedrooms. And I have the educator's love of the education system.

I bring a unique perspective and a true vision of the future of Oregon. One in which all of its citizens receive a decent education, in which all have access to decent, affordable health care. A future in which senior citizens don't have to choose each month between buying the food they need and paying for the prescription drugs to keep them functioning. A future in which communities can take drinking water from our rivers because they have, once again, become clean and pure. A future of moderate, reasonable, planned growth. And a future in which we all feel safe from violence.

This is the future I want to see for my grandchildren.

I ask for your vote to be your next State Representative.

— Mitch Greenlick